Who Are We?

What's popping Show Offs?!

My name is Mitchell Blasko and I am the founder of Show Off Shorts (SOS). Here at SOS, I do it all. From designing the apparel, to running the social media and website. I am from Kingston, Ontario and have 3 older siblings - Ben, Nate, and Natalie - who I look up to each and every day. My parents, Rob and Nancy, are also from Kingston and have been nothing but supportive and loving my entire life.

I began Show Off Shorts back in the Summer of 2021 during the pandemic. I was surfing the web trying to find some funky, unique shorts for the summer and found it extremely difficult to find shorts that weren't hurting my wallet. So what did I do? I learned how to sew with the help of Youtube and my lovely grandmother, Bonnie, and was producing shorts for customers in no time.

Fast forward 2 years, and SOS is making a comeback. I recently graduated from Queen's University and found myself with boat-loads of free time, so I decided to invest my time and energy into bringing fun, funky shorts back to the customers for a reasonable price. This summer, I plan on providing various pieces of apparel for customers, beginning with our current hats and sweaters, with goals to produce t-shirts, sweatpants, and more of a selection of shorts, hats, and hoodies.

I operate a bit differently than other vendors. Since I am a small business, starting on my ones, certain pieces that we offer are available via custom orders, meaning I take pre-orders weekly, then place the order on each Friday. This saves me from ordering too much stock and ending up with excess hats, sweaters, or shorts. I hope that one day, once Show Off Shorts gains some more traction, I can open a little shop or even have a stock available at all times.

Thanks for taking the time to read about me, and thank you for taking the time to check out Show Off Shorts. You know what they say...

Show 'em off 'til you take 'em off.